Be a QA – A New Approach to Learning Testing

Do you want to make a career in quality assurance? Worry no longer. provides access to courses which train and comprehensively make you a great tester. Here, you join with zero knowledge and leave with both knowledge and practical and industrial experience.

QA is one career option which has seen unprecedented growth and is still undergoing positive growth. It is a competitive area and people with the right skills get to live a wonderful life and have a wonderful career. At Beaqa, you get to learn these skills and apply them in real life quality testing. Created by a visionary of unsurpassed intellect, the platform is complete in all aspects.

What are you waiting for? Be a QA.

Scope of Career in Testing

The spotlight in recent years has been on testing. Coding and software development have passed on the hotseat to testing and QA. The area of quality assurance has a huge number of vacancies and is in need for quality employees. With a growing average annual salary, it is guaranteed to keep you satisfied.

QA is one of the most stable career options available out there. It provides for a gratifying life and content job experience. Also, it is a continuous intellectually challenging job. This ensures that you will never ever get bored while making sure that products are qualified enough.

Choose to be a tester. Choose a life of challenge, rewards and satisfaction.

Role of a Testing Professional

The QA role is one of the most critical roles in any workplace. The testing team is the one which makes sure the correct products are being made in the correct way. It is the one which ensures that a product is complete, error-free, well-designed and fulfils its purpose.

Right from the UI to the core components of the software, the testing team makes sure that all of these are functional and aesthetically productivity inducing. It is said that without criticism, progress is not possible. That statement is essentially true especially in the fast moving world of software. The testers make sure that fast and dependable progress is made.

People have started to realize the importance of QA. This is why there is an upsurge in the positive growth in this area of employment.